The year is 1173 and the Ghurid Warlord, Muhammad Shahabuddin Ghori has just conquered the Ghaznavids in Afghanistan. As an upstart, Ghori did what many considered impossible. He did what the Persians, Macedonians, Umayad caliphate, the hepthalites, the huns and even the Ghaznavids couldn’t do. Ghori formed his kingdom at the heartland of India. Muhammad […]

By this time, you all have heard of great Rajput battles such as the battle of Gangwana or the legendary battle of Haldi Ghati. But there is one battle in the annals of Rajasthan that has skipped most people’s radar, and that’s the under rated Battle of Nagaur The Battle of Nagaur was fought between the Rajputs of Mewar and the Nagaur Sultanate. […]