With the initial victory on her side, Bhavashankari returned to her capital for her final royal coronation.

Meanwhile Chaturbhuj worked hard to erase all the evidence that could lead to his involvement.

He smartly dismissed all the allegations made against him. And Bhavashankari couldn’t punish him due to the lack of hard evidences.

So instead she demoted him under the pretext of security breach. This would severely limit his control over the army

His substitute would be Bhupathi Krishna Ray, a loyal soldier and commander of Pendo fort. He was promoted to the commander in chief.

The queen would regularly inspect a close fortress named Chhaunpur.

She had grown like the fort and every time she would go to the local Bhavani temple for blessings.

This would later be the very temple where her coronation would be taking place as per the tantric rituals.

Bhavashankari herself held the reigns of the army.

She made sure to drill them to be prepared when a sudden attack would launch against them next time.

And her guess would prove to be correct

Status prior to battle:

While Bhavashankari was busy dealing with the business of her kingdom, the Pathans were planning another invasion.

Chaturbhuj again joined their side but this time he would act more covertly than before.

He would capture Bhavashankari on the night of her royal coronation.
While the Pathans massacre the ignorant defenders in their barracks.

This time Osman gathered even more troops than before under his banner.
His army grew in size and according to some historians, was now numbering over 500-1300.

On the D-day, the front troops were spotted by a hunter named Kalu Chandal. He raced to the nearest defending posts to inform the commander at Khanakul.

The officer dispatched his messenger to the commander in chief.

Unfortunately for the Bhupathi Krishna was far away in Pendo Fort.

And the closest commanding officer was none other than Chaturbhuj.

He dismissed the entire incident as a false alarm. He even threatened to kill the officer if he ever believed any more rumors.

Luckily though the officers were not convinced by the lax and complacent behavior. And quickly dispatched the news of intrusion to Pendo.

Chaturbhuj knew that his game was up. It was now or never.

This would be the last opportunity for them to capture Bhavashankari alive.

He messaged Osman khan, suggesting that he should once again wait till nightfall.

In the cover of darkness their victory would be more probable.

This much level of confidence emboldened the Pathans.
They now marched forward crossing Damodar.
And Chaturbhuj followed suit with his regiment.

Meanwhile as Bhavashankari coronation was over, she received the message from Bhupathi.

Informing her about the imminent invasion.

She was quick to react, deploying three corps and her prime elite female battalion.

All in all, her army consisted of 100 elephants, 500 cavalry and 500 infantries.

In addition, local militia was organised by her advisor named Haridev Bhattacharya from Chandal and Bagdi.

Bhupathi Krishna Ray would not fight alongside the queen though. His target was the renegade brigade of Chaturbhuj Chakravarty.


The Pathan forces under Osman Khan were now deep within enemy lines. They were waiting for the signal of Chaturbhuj.

With their combined army they would crush the Bhurshut kingdom.

Suddenly one of their lookouts shouted that Chaturbhuj was approaching with his brigade.

Osman Khan smiled.

The rogue minister had many more troops than they expected. With such a large number the fall of Bhurshut would be quick.

But something was not right. Chaturbhuj did not mention that he had an elephant unit with him.

The Pathan squinted his eyes to see and shocked.

The oncoming army was the defending soldiers of Bhurishrestha!

The invaders make a fatal mistake.
Orange troops: Bhavashankari.
Dark green: Osman Khan.

Once again Bhavashankari had outsmarted him.

Meanwhile her loyal commander Bhupathi Krishna was busy defeating the renegade brigade.

He shouted orders to engage but it was already too late.

By the time the Pathan army was ready, their enemies had smashed into their lines.

This shock charge completely annihilated them.

The Bhurshut forces pressed on as the Pathans moved back. With a fury of beasts, the defenders massacred the ruthless invaders.

In a dire attempt Osman Khan regrouped his cavalry and tried to outflank the defenders.

Osman tries to outflank with his elite cavalry.

But as he approached the rear-guard of the defenders he realized another mistake.

His cavalry now faced off against the elephant core of the queen.

With her hand cannon (Blunderbuss), sitting atop the elephant the queen fired.

With each volley she blasted away the oncoming aggressors with the wrath of a goddess.

Osman Khan’s entire contingent got shattered. And to add to his woes, by one of Bhavashankari’s shot, his horse was killed.

Shattered invaders.

Cornered by muddy trenches and forest the invaders had nowhere to go.

The Pathan army was soon routed and the battlefield was littered by their corpse.

Osman Khan himself was wounded and left his army to fend for itself.

Some saw him deserting and never saw him again. He reached his own territory by disguising himself as a fakir.

And once again the Great queen of Bhurshut Bhavashankari had saved her kingdom.


With such a strong defeat, even the Mughals became vary of Bhavashankari’s growing power.

They sent their emissaries for a peace-negotiations with the kingdom.

After long and careful diplomacy, Bhavashankari accepted the Mughal suzerainty as long as:

They wouldn’t disturb her authority.

Along with that the Kingdom of Bhurshut would remain Independent from Mughals

And her soldiers would not fight any battle for Mughals.

In return the Kingdom of Bhurushreshta would act as a tributary state only.

The Mughals accepted this and never ventured in Bengal as long as Bhavashankari ruled.

Meanwhile for Osman Khan, history has no record after his blunder with the Queen.

Some say that he was exiled and lived as a Fakir. Others say that he was executed by his own people.

According to some historians Chaturbhuj was killed in battle against the Loyal commander Bhupathi Krishna.

After ruling efficiently for two years, the queen abdicated her throne for her son. once he was married she allowed him to rule.

But she still acted as a supervisor as she guided him in the art of kingdom management.

Once her son became capable and independent ruler, she handed him all her duties and retired to Kashi.

This is where she would spend the rest of her life in peace and Tranquillity.

To this day her name is famous in West Bengal.

We haven’t forgotten about your bravery ‘O’ Bhavashankari, great queen of Bhurshut. And we never will.

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