Vijayanagara Empire’s victory over Madurai Sultanate.

The year is 1378, a young commander is ready to launch an attack at the rival kingdom. He marched on, under the Banner of the Vijayanagara empire to destroy the age-old rival down south, the Madurai Sultanate.

The commander’s name is Kumara Kampana, and wanted to fulfil the wish of his father Bukka Raya. To reclaim all the regions in southern India under one single mighty empire.

The Madurai sultanate was smaller, but far more brutal in its tactics. Their stories of torture on the local populace haunted him. All the warnings flashed before him as he marched along the road towards his destination.

Kumara was going to make sure that this will be the last time his enemies ever disturb him.


The Defeat of Delhi sultanate’s rule in southern India had led to a power struggle in the entire region. Small kingdoms started popping everywhere.

And would end up claiming to be the next empire that would unite and rule everywhere.

Out of the many small kingdoms, one of them was the Karnata kingdom, later to be known as Vijayanagar Empire.

At the helm were two men, Hari Hara Raya, and Bukka Raya. And both of them will become kings respectively.

Under their command, Karnataka, parts of Andhra and Kerala had been integrated, but apart from one major province in Tamil Nadu.

This province was not affiliated from the Delhi Sultanate any more. But ruled with the same barbarity. This kingdom was known as Madurai Sultanate.

In its short and tumultuous reign, it saw the rise of 8 different sultans along with various atrocities.

Bukka Raya, was one of the founder of Vijayanagar Empire. And he was the second king wanted to unite all the warring factions under his rule. Under his major goals was save the local populace from the sultans, so by 1350’s raiding parties of both provinces started to clash.

The king knew that fighting against the southern Madurai Sultanate while trying to hold off the Northern Bahamani Sultanate will be impossible.

So, he formed a permanent garrison in the southern region of his empire. With the mission to continue raiding the Madurai regions.

He also had realised that it might take him a lifetime to see his goal to fruition.

Perhaps even two lifetimes.

So, he gave command of the southern regions to his son Kumara. And his main job was destroy the Madurai province.

And Kumara will make sure to stand true by his father’s words.


The constant raiding of the Madurai Sultanates outposts had overwhelmed the defenders. One by one the forts fell and the Vijayanagar army marched forth.

The sultanate had to quickly spring into action as they came up to their last legs. Most of their kings had been sub-par rulers at best.

So their military was considerable weaker than their enemies. But they were fighting on their own home front. And knew their territories well.

Madurai warriors main plan of attack was to sneak right in front of the enemy army in the night. In the thick of darkness; they made their way near their targets.

They would ambush the unsuspecting soldiers of Vijayanagar. This will string an easy victory according to their generals.

Adil Shahis will try the same tactic against Sri Shivaji Maharaj.

The plan was fool proof. Or it could have been fool proof if, the Madurai army had any ground left at its borders.

As it turns out, almost all of the bordering regions were now under Vijayanagar control. And they were waiting for their opponents to strike first.

Without even letting the defenders know, the Vijayanagar soldiers attacked first. This completely surprised the enemy.

First, the flanks attacked in an enveloping fashion. And then the center of the attackers charged in.

In all the hullaballoo the Madurai Sultanate soldiers had to surrender. It had been a completely devastating defeat for the.

And so swift was the attack that within a few months an official declaration of annexation was accepted by the Sultanate.


After the defeat the sultans had to cede their entire territory to the empire of Vijayanagara. They also had to accept war guilt.

Their barbarity towards the local populace was well recorded by many travellers. The most famous being Ibn Battuta himself.

Kumara Kampana knew that he had won. So he and his soldiers along with the regent king of the Vijayanagara made their way to the holy pilgrimage for the local grand temple.

This Great Temple Still Stands Thanks to Kumara.

The Grand Chola Sri Rangam temple which was spared thanks to the attacker victory. With the southern border set and well protected, the Karnata empire could look northward with impunity.

And in the future would act as a buffer against the Sultans of Delhi and Bahmani region.

All of this was done by the might Vijayanagara. The light of Hindu ferocity and self-determination under their banner flared well and bright.

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