The armor worn by Maharana Pratap has a legendary status. Just like the great king himself.
Claimed to be more than 300 kilos in total, it is considered one of the heaviest and toughest armors ever.

Maharana Prataap’s modern representation

But how heavy was the armor? If we strip away the legend and the folktales, what do we see?
This is an opinion article where I will discuss the realistic weight of Sri Maharana Pratap and how strong he was.

This post will be divided into three topics.

1: Weight of the armor,

2: Weight of the weapons,

3: Some well-renowned feats of Maharana Pratap.

With Maharana Pratap as the case study, what we can do is see how huge he really was.
The Royal family of Rajputana was actually stronger than the common man of that era.

The Rajputs were the dominant fighting force back then in the north. And the kingdom of Mewar was always at the top
Where the average height of a good strong man back then would only be 5′5–56, due to better nutrition, Maharana Prataap was over 6′6!
And that is a conservative estimation. According to one legend, he was over 7 feet tall.
The man was HUGE! Just one single punch from him and you’ll lose your head for sure.
Naturally, even in today’s era, he is a mountain of a man.

Maharana Pratap

The Bardic chroniclers’ state in great poems that:
“He used to carry 360 kg of weight, which included a spear weighing 80 kg, two swords weighing 208 kg and his armor was around 72 kg heavy. His own weight was more than 110 kg.”

But as awesome and cool that it is, we have to realize that it could also be an exaggeration. Biologically speaking al these feats are kind of impossible.

So here we will discuss the basic weight of his armor and weapon, along with his feats that can give an estimation of how strong Sri Maharana Pratap really was.

1: His armor.

Typical Rajput Brigandine armor

On average, a simple mail of coats which was prominent in medieval India weighs around 10 kgs easy for an average joe.

But I am talking about a man twice the size of an average joe.

So we can say in rough estimation it is 15–17 kilo.

Helmets alone weigh 5 kg max. Along with the additional equipment such as his coif was attached to his helmet adding a kilo or 2 more.

His armor also had inner padding to protect himself from blunt force trauma two have their own weight.

All in all, his entire armor was evenly distributed around his body and could weigh in about 30–35 kg max.

Elite Rajput shock troop wearing brigandine armor.

But this is just armor, we still haven’t reached the weight of the weapon yet.

2: Weapons

Rana Pratap was famous for his dual swords. He never fought an unarmed opponent.

He went so far that he used to give his own sword to his enemies to keep the fight equal.
Normally the two most common sword used in India is the Khanda broadsword, and the great Indian talwar, both of which vary around 1–2 kgs max.

Rana Pratap with his two swords intact.
Considering Maharana Ji’s stature, the swords allotted to him must have been different. But even then, it’s really not possible that any of his swords even come close to the legendary 200+ kg.

Different types of swords in India.

At best, we can assume his swords all together weigh in at around 3 kgs each top.
That makes it 6 kgs for the sword.
Regarding the polearms, Rana Ji used to carry multiple spears, as Rajputs were predominantly and light and heavy cavalry force.

Normal spears top at around 2 kgs along with the polearms reaching up to 4–5 kgs.

So considering he carried three spears and one main polearm, that makes the weapons weigh in at around 18 kgs of the total weight including the swords.

That means at any given moment, Sri Maharana Pratap carried over 50 kilos on him.

That’s a lot of weight. it’s literally a weight of a small-medium-sized adult!

But we haven’t even gotten to his main power force.

3: Amazing feats of Maharana Pratap

The majestic clash between Maharana Prataap and Man Singh

The question is how strong he actually hits.

One of his legendary feats was cutting Bahlol Khan in HALF VERTICALLY ALONG WITH THE HORSE.

Now there are a lot of speculations about this fight as some say this fight happened in the battle of Haldighati, while others say it happened during the battle of Dewair.

Needless to say, there is a lot of mystery surrounding to full fight.

But one thing that we all can agree on is that all the folktales have some amount of truth attached to them.

The stories clearly say he not only killed Bahlol khan, but also his horse.

For this, we have to take into account how strong his hit was when he literally sliced Bakhlol Khan VERTICALLY in half.

He didn’t just cut it horizontally, he sliced Bakhlol and IS HORSE in half.

On average, it takes more than 2300 newtons to cruse a man’s skull.
This already makes him two times stronger than an average man.

But he also sliced his horse. I couldn’t find how much force that takes but you can guess it IS A LOT!!

Even if this is an exaggeration, we can conclude that Maharana Ji wasn’t just your typical medieval Indian king.

He grew in hardships, fought at every step against the invaders, and battled till the end of his life.
He proved himself worthy of the title of Maharana of Mewar Rajputana.

Thank you!

Until then.

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