Indian History, though as complex and intriguing like its western counterparts such as Greek or Roman History, has never been studied with that much enthusiasm.

The sad part is that most of the historians tend to write it in such a dull manner that even the most interested students will get bored.
And this is why I am here.

Hi, My name is Tarang (Pen Name) and I am an Amateur historian and soon to be a published author. I am the founder of this website and my goal is simple, to write about the great battles on India from and Indic perspective, challenging the notion that India was the land of invaders.

I thank you readers for reading my articles. Your support in my journey has been of paramount importance.

Unlike other history blogs, I want to make sure to provide a good reader experience and for that I shall be keeping advertisements to the bare minimum and i will mostly focus on affiliate and donations.

I think that though adverts are a good source of revenue, they tend to negatively affect the reader experience. I don’t want that.

Lastly the timings of the articles will be once per week, on Tuesdays by 12 PM IST

I hope that I may be of good educational service for you all.

Thank you