Hey fellow lover of Indian Civilisation!

The pen is mightier than the sword they say and I completely believe in it.

Here is your chance to shine and get your name on the website of Battles of Bharat.

All you have to do is to Write an article regarding Indian culture/ Ethos/Civilization/History and send it to [email protected]

Before you do that though, there are some rules that you have to follow:

1: Do not under any circumstances degrade any other caste, creed, or religion

2: Do not copy your work from others

3: Your work must be under 500-800 words

4: Battles of Bharat blog has full rights to reject any submission on the grounds that the said post is breaking the rules of our community.

5: If you have a blog yourself or have any online presence then all you have to do is share the link with your email attachments and I will add the link for free.

6: Work must be given in word file and will not be accepted in any other format.

7: Guest posts from one specific person will be accepted for only one time per month on one specific topic.

8: In one specific guest post, articles of multiple writers will be published together.

9: For now, Guest posts will be published only two times in a month. One on the second Saturdays and the other on fourth Saturdays.

Now that we have cleared all the doubts, well, what are you waiting for! Chop Chop guys, I can’t wait to read your awesome articles on our awesome culture.

Feel free to read my articles to get a hang of how I write and what the readership expects from you all ( A lot. They will expect a lot from you)

Until then. Take care.